Management Team

Technix India leadership remains committed to the fundamental tenets that have been responsible for company historic success.


With several years of snowballing experience in the software engineering industry, the Technix India management team draws its experience from deep background working with both emerging and established companies. Technix India leadership remains committed to the fundamental tenets that have been responsible for company historic success. Our Leadership drives the development and delivery of Technix India innovative solutions.

The company management is committed to the company's objectives and has a long-term strategy to excel in the global market.

Siddharth Kumar

Sanjeev Singh
(Advisor Consultant)

Sanjeev Singh received a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering. He has held various engineering, program management and leadership positions. Mr. Singh has worked various companies, Vendors and clients. He has worked for major U.S clients, such as, Hewlett-Packard, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont, Michigan and New York...etc. His expertise include Business Development, Project management, Product delivery, Processes, Client and Vendor relationships, People management, Testing Consultation, Agile expertise and consulting, IT Outsourcing/Off shoring. He is based in United States of America, but often travels to India.

Siddharth Kumar

Masoom Mallick
(COO & Director)

Masoom Mallick holds a master degree in Control System Engineering and also a bachelor degree in Electronic & Communication Engineering. With several years of broad experience in IT industry and working with various clients embroider him with abundant range of IT knowledge in terms of process, Business and many others. Under his guidance Technix India Engineering Team has developed innovative, out-of-the-box products & solutions, which is driving the business of many small and big Enterprise. He is responsible for Company?s sales, business development and managing day-to-day activities of the offshore development center.

Siddharth Kumar

Sukumar Mahapatra
(Chief Marketing Officer)

Sukumar Mahapatra holds a masters in Applied Mathematics from Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur (Formerly B.E.College, Shibpur), along with courses in project management from IIM, Rohtak and computer science from University of Calcutta. He develops and implements mathematical models to help our clients better understand complex systems in order to improve system performance. He is responsible for delivery of our products, strategic development and sales.