Forest Offence Monitor

A Green Crime Evaluator

Forest offence Monitoring system is a software that automates most of the Court Section process of “Territorial Division” of Forest Department. The product was developed under the guidance of senior forest officer- DFO, Conservator and RCCF.

It provides many Operational Reports and Various Control Reports for identifying problem areas and taking corrective action. FOM system is a very user friendly and can be implemented within a week in one department (including training). FOM have been widely cclaimed by the Forest & Environment Department nationally and internationally.

Forest Offence Monitor system gives solutions for maintenance of:

Offence Report

We can maintain the record of Offence Report provided by the Forest Guard,including full details of the offence, Act of offence, Section of offence, Offence Site, Materials Seized,Offenders listing with their address,Arrested Offenders,Net Compensation Imposed.

Prosecution Report

We can maintain the record of cases under prosecution,including details information like Prosecution No, G-Case No, Magistrate Info. Etc.

Compounding Report

We can maintain the record of compounding cases,either full compounding or part compounding with details of Compounding Amount,Date of compounding, Money Receipt No.

Confiscation Report

We can maintain the record of confiscated cases with information of confiscated Materials or Vehicles.



Benefits on Implementation