Electronic Customer Acquisition Form Management

Technix-eCAF offer “Customer Acquisition Form” management services to ensure that the entire flow is controlled to ensure timely movement of CAFs. The services provide efficient and effective means to make the data available in optimum time, minimizing delays and improving the value of service. This software provide end-to-end CAF management services, from CAF Pickup, CAF Tracking, CAF Audit, CAF Data entry, CAF Scanning, CAF Indexing, CAF Warehousing, CAF Retrievals.

eCAF Features:

  • User Login HUB wise
  • Document In-warding
  • Document Scanning using scanner/webcam
  • Splitting scanned Images/Documents
  • Saving Documents on Localhost
  • Uploading Documents to webserver through File-Zilla
  • Indexed Documents will be used by web-portal
  • Display Documents/Images on web-portal
  • Produces Reports like Documents Upload Count
  • Re-produces CAF anytime