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Forest Plantation Management

The Forest Plantation Management System is a Software product to computerize the manual working process of the Plantation of Afforestation division of Forest Department. By using this product the department can easily manage the plantation process such as Action Plan, , Advance work, Nursery Creation, Site Preparation, Sectors & Pits creation records, Fencing Work, Plantation Expenditure, Survival, and can also monitor the different stages of plantation work.

It provides many Operational Reports and Various Control Reports for identifying problem areas and taking corrective action.

Forest Establishment Management

The Forest Employee Management (Establishment) Software is a software system to computerize the Employee’s Records of the Forest Department. By using this product the department will easily manage the employee personal records, Attendance, Leave, Salary, Pay Scale, Service Status, Increments, Department Penalties, Pension Etc. Here we go through the real process which is actually followed by the Forest Dept. under the Establishment Section.

It provides many Operational Reports and Various Control Reports for identifying problem areas and taking corrective action.

Court Record Management

This software manages records of different cases, it also include monitoring of movements of different files from one location to others, present status of files, destroyed files, files to be destroyed, parties details, offences registered, first party-second party details etc.

Loan & Mortgage

Loan & Mortgage is an amortization schedule calculator that handles loans. Most importantly this application will let you know from whom to recover. User can have multiple percentage rates, see immediate results of specific changed date/s, payment/s amount, percentage. For both borrowers and lenders, this program is an asset that pays for itself, over and over. Easy to handle and user friendly application. it calculates amortization details such as: Installment Date, Number of Days Since Previous Installment, Installment Interest, Installment Principal, Interest to Date, Principal to Date, Loan Balance, Interest Factor.

Retail POS (Point of Sale)

BusinessBook-POS is a complete point of sale system solution for small and midsize retailers, wholeseller and Manufactures operating everything from a single store to a whole chain. Easy to use retail POS billing and inventory management software that is available to you at a very low cost. By using this customer can do product coding, generates barcode, print barcode stickers. It is comprehensive and scalable for those businesses focusing on significant growth.

Online Examination System

Online Examination System is a web based testing software, which builds to cater the need of online testing solution for different educational institutions like school, college, institute, coaching center and tutorial classes to manage their questions & conduct exams. Create Examination or Test, Enter duration, Selects subjects, set passing score, Create questions with marks or negative marks, auto log-out after as soon as times over, See Quick Reports etc It is a reliable, low cost, easy to manage & integrate .

Land Record Management

Land Record management is a system to manage the land, its area, notification no., Range, Beats, Sub-Beats, Thana, Thana Number, Villages, No. of Plots, Survey Dates, Revised Notification, Plots Encroached, Cases for Encroachments. Lot of flexible reports available for better MIS.

Election Monitoring System

In the Parliamentary Election-2009, there was a requirement to remotely monitor the polling booth and polling status at each booth, for this purpose we were invited to provide this solution to monitor the 2009 polling booth of Dhanbad dist of Jharkhand State, by Parliamentary Returning officer Dhanbad and handed over this assignment to us. Project was very confidential and important. We worked it out and we were successful to develop this application.

Estimate & Cost Management

A cost estimate is the approximation of the cost of a program, project, or operation. The cost estimate is the product of the cost estimating process. The cost estimate has a single total value and may have identifiable component values. By using Technix-Estimate & Cost Management software the problem with a cost overrun can be avoided with a credible, reliable, and accurate cost estimate. This product is an estimator that prepares cost estimates.

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