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If you are looking for a Software company in Patna, Bihar or Jharkhand you are in the right place, We are into the business of Software Development from around a decade now in Bihar & Jharkhand. We also have some development work going in Bangalore, Pune and Delhi. This company was formed way back in late 90s but was registered recently in 2006. Its registered office is in Patna, Bihar but it has its branches spread across Bihar, Jharkhand and rest of India. We as a company started with Software Development works and the language we use are Java, C, C++, VB, .NET. During the years we have evolved as experts in all kinds of Database Applications, Data Entry, Telecom, BTS Installation, Website development, College Projects, Academic Projects, Training in Patna, Jamsedhpur, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Muzaffarpur, Daltongunj, Deoghar, Dumka etc.

We are a registered Private Limited Company in Patna, Bihar and Jharkhand with our branches in different parts of India. Our main area of expertise is Software Development, Website Development & Maintenance and Data Entry works in government as well as private sector. We also offer academic projects for Engineering, MCA, summer internship for MBA students in Patna, Jamsedhpur, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Muzaffarpur, Daltongunj, Deoghar, Dumka etc.

If you are looking for Software company in Patna or Software Company in Ranchi or telecom companies in Bihar or Jharkhand you will find Technix India as the No. 1 Choice. We are the only company in Bihar Jharkhand which provides the complete solution to customers. We do not sell hardware or software or a website to our customers we give a complete solution. Hardware, software, service, maintenance, data entry, data management, reporting, printing, designing and everything that is needed to solve the problem that our customer is facing.

We have Products for:

  • Forest Offence Control & Management
  • Accounting (Customized to your need)
  • Retail Software
  • Different kind of billing softwares
  • Stock Management
  • Textile management and billing
  • Tannery Industry supply chain
  • Advertisment through SMS as low cost
  • School Management
  • Library Management
  • Plantation Management
  • Medical Shop Billing software
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)

Our latest product launched in March 2009 is the Accounting Software in Patna, Jamsedhpur, Dhanbad, Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Muzaffarpur, Daltongunj, Deoghar, Dumka and rest of Bihar & Jharkhand. It has all the features that a good accounting software should have, Everything you need to manage your account is well integrated into this product and it is very simple to use. You do not need a certified engineer or a computer specialist to use this product. When compared against other accounting software this is much simpler to use. You do not need a certified engineer or a computer specialist to use this product. When compared against Tally this is much simpler to use and much cheaper but when you use the product you will come to know the quality. So you get quality, simplicity and less costly product to solve all your accounting problems. We also provide customized accounting software if that is what you need at a little more cost. So if you are looking for an Accounting Software just let us know, you can also try our software for free.

We have a host of Billing Softwares tailored to your need, be it a mobile top up counter who needs it at a cost of Rs. 2000 or a Big Diamond Shoppie at a premium Shopping Mall which needs a Billing Software with a lot more features. Our billing software is being used in factory billing, medical store billing, paint factory billing, leather industry billing, shoe center billing, general store billing. If you need a billing software there is no better place then to come to us. We will provide you what you need at the cost you would never believe. We can provide a very customized billing software with all you need and nothing that you do not need.

We have also developed our Medical Billing system which has a host of features. We are the first company in Bihar Jharkhand to provide a customized billing software. Medical Billing software has been installed on several medical retail and wholesale shops in Patna, Ranchi, Darbhanga, Gaya, Giridih, Dhanbad, Jamsedhpur, Giridih and other cities or Bihar and Jharkhand.

We mostly use open source so the cost of our products is less as compared to other companies but at the same time we take care to make our products the BEST in quality. We provide end to end solution not just software products. We take care of all your needs right from collection of requirement to implementation and maintenance. We provide 1 year FREE maintanance for all our products.

We offer academic/Vocational training to students of engineering, mba, mca and polytechnic colleges in Bihar and Jharkhand. We also arrange classroom training for students with expert faculties from industry. For getting your college registered you may contact

If you are a student of an engineering college, Polytechnic College, BCA/MCA/MBA college and you are looking for a summer training, industrial exposure, vocational training in Patna or any other place in Bihar or Jharkhand you are at the right place. We offer training in different domains of computer science, electronics and electrical with live projects. We have projects on Java, C, MySql, Website designing, BTS Installation, Robotics, Multiplexer, Aviation and a bunch of domains and platforms to choose from.

Due to less number of industries in Bihar and Jharkhand getting industrial exposure when still at college is difficult. You need a lot of references and links to get one. Because most of us do not have such references we are not able to get a vocational training. Also in most of the engineering colleges in Bihar & Jharkhand we do not have One full semester for our projects as in the other states, so we cannot look for projects in any other city other than the place where our college is. This adds to the problem or students.

Considering all this we have introduced academic projects tailored to the needs of Students of Engineering, MCA, BCA and Polytechnic colleges. Our programmes are very flexible and we start from classroom training moving on to live projects and even helping them explore new ideas. We also help the students with the documentation and presentations skills. We are aware of the fact that along with the project they have to attend classes so we have morning and evening batches and students can select accordingly.

We basically provide training on GSM, GPRS, BTS, Networking (LAN/WAN), Embedded System, Device Driver Development for LINUX, Industrial Accounting Training, Live Software Training, Database Designing, PHP & MySQL Server Training.

Students can choose from the following category of projects:

Computer Science Projects [ BE, MCA, Diploma, NIIT and other institutions]:

  • Database Applications, MySql, MS SQL, Oracle or MS Access as backend & Java (Using netbeans) or VB as frontend.
  • .NET Applications
  • Java Projects, Java on Linux.
  • Linux Device Drivers
  • Linux System Performance Measurement
  • Linux Kernel Programming
  • Developing web applications using SMS
  • Different Reporting software applications
  • Billing Applications
  • Accounting Softwares
  • Website designing & development with live hosting opportunities

Electrical, Electronics & Mechanical Projects:

  • Robotics
  • Instrumentation and Automation
  • Networking
  • PC to PC Communication
  • Infra Red Communication
  • Wireless Communication
  • Live BTS installation
  • Live Shelter work for telecom
  • Hardware Installation and Trouble shooting
  • Electronic and electrical device designing and fabrication
  • SIP or VOIP Projects

We offer 4 weeks to 6 weeks training to the students of engineering and technology [BE, B.Tech, BCA, MCA]. Students can choose from a variety of projects ranging from Embedded systems, Robotics, GPS, to Website Design and Development. We have successfully trained 500s of students from Engineering, MCA, BCA, Diploma.

Services Provided by Technix India

Software Development, Embedded System Design, Website Development, Network Design & Installation, Annual Maintenance Contract, Product Support, Data Entry, Offshore outsourcing, IT services and ecommerce solutions. Data Entry for Government & Private Sector, Annual Data Entry Contract, Data Analysis.

Professional Projects:

Telecom BTS Installation (Ulta & Felxi BTS), GSM & Microwave Antenna Installation, Microwave Link Establishment, Electrical Installation, PIU, Delta & Battery Bank Installation.

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